Movin’ on.

I’ve been told I see things differently. And that’s mostly what this blog is about. I see a thing, a scene, something, then write about what I “see”—what pops into my mind. This pop in my thoughts is not something I work at—it just happens. Since this is a curiosity to some, I document some of them here. I capture a photo or stage one later, so you can see what I saw. In this case, I tried to photograph of a bald eagle sitting in a tree just down the road from our house. But as soon as the vehicle came to a stop, the eagle flew away. The eagle leaving his perch was more interesting to my mind than posing in the tree. What popped into my thoughts? Know when to move on. A year is ending. Move on. A new year is beginning. Move on. Consider what to keep clasped in my hands and what to let go. Move on.

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