Pace yourself.

“Labour with what zeal we will,

Something still remains undone;

Something uncompleted still

Waits the rising of the sun.”

From the “Something Left Undone” poem by Longfellow

My favorite bread recipe requires only a minute of kneading (easy on my arthritic hands), uses a half cup of beer (helping the yeast and adding flavor), and yields dough that is OK with sitting around unattended for 18 hours (easy on my schedule). I mix the ingredients after supper and we have fresh bread with our meal the following evening. For most of two days, the bread sits undone, uncompleted. But, all the while, the dough is working, pacing itself, using the ingredients to produce a delicious result. I strive to use my ingredients, my talents and gifts, pacing myself as I work. What are my gifts? What I love to do. What I’m good at. What draws me in and makes time fly!

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