How is it that I have a sounder of swine flying above my writing desk? And what do they do for me? Well, the first flyer was a black and green paper mache pig with black fighter jet wings—a product of my son’s schoolwork. As an IT professional at the time, I decided to hang it in my office as a representation of making the impossible happen—the magic of technology. Over the years, coworkers, family, and friends have contributed the many flying pigs that now soar above my writing desk (and many more parked around the house).

Every creature reminds me to:

— Stretch my wings.

— Look up—see from a different perspective.

— Question my limits.

— Think beyond—use my imagination.

— Not be too serious—have fun!

— Wonder how my late-husband and I somehow managed to raise a good human.

Impossible? Maybe not.

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