Hard times.

I’m often asked how I make it through hard times. My history includes divorce, death (spouse, parents, friends, sister, grandchild in the womb), cancer, and decades of caregiving that included repeated life and death medical situations with both positive and devastating outcomes. Very recently I experienced another difficult time with, thankfully, a positive outcome.

My secret to successfully moving through difficulties? 1. Foundation. Have a relationship with God before the hard times hit. I’m talking more than belief, more than faith. A relationship like you have with a close friend. Learn about Him. Talk to Him. Listen to Him. 2. Focus. I keep close to God as I move through the struggles. I do this by reading my Bible – my Heavenly Father’s letters to me – and meditating and praying. 3. Fall. Release control and allow myself to be held by God. Trust God. Fall into the arms of Jesus, and let Him support and guide as He brings me and my concerns to the Father.

I can’t control the outcome, but I can control the FOUNDATION on which I stand, my mental FOCUS, and the decision to do a trust FALL to the only One who can be fully trusted.

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