I’ve been exercising my “paying attention” muscles. As I got into my car, I decided to focus on telephone poles for the drive. I noticed the construction, placement, and what managed to grow on the poles. And I noticed where there were no telephone poles—a rarity in my rural community. Engaging in a “noticing” activity when I’m alone has made routine activities feel fresher and forces me into the moment. I can’t think about the past or future when I’m scouting for something specific. Staying in the moment is something I’m working on, and I’m happy to have found a simple exercise to employ.

Last week I selected “doors” on the way to a friend’s farm. So many well-used doors at the entrances to the barn and outbuildings. I love these faded doors. A door. An access. A barrier. Granting entry. Preventing entry. A door. An invitation. An opportunity. Yes, let’s go in!

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