In this third month of being mostly at home, I’m getting many projects done including a bit of prep for future grandchild visits. Decades ago, I packed away a few of my son’s favorite toys. In the box was also a favorite of my late-husband’s when he was a boy – his Tinkertoy. I sifted through the cardboard canister discarding the splintered dowels that had been played out. At the bottom of the Tinkertoy container was a solitary dark green soldier peering at me through his binoculars. Reminded me of the way I often feel right now.  Squinting through the cracks as this quarantine transitions into our new normal. Seeing with hope, an expectant heart. Looking forward to reuniting with the familiar and embracing the new.  And that green soldier? Didn’t discard him and didn’t gift him. He has found a place on the corner of my desk. A symbol of moving forward.

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