Looking forward to speaking at Gilda’s Club on Thursday (May 16).

Would love to see you at my next event.

“Counsel for Co-Survivors” at Gilda’s Club in Middleton, WI

Thursday, May 16, 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

Open to the public.  Free lunch included.

Register here:  https://events.gildasclubmadison.org/Events/Info/Counsel_for_Co-Survivors_PUBLIC-3496

Are you supporting someone who has cancer? Or supporting someone who has been through that journey? Or through any serious medical illness for that matter. You are a co-survivor! Please join Rita Schunk as she shares tips for co-survivors from her book, “Surviving the Pink Ribbon: Body and Soul Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors and Co-Survivors”, her own co-survivor experience, as well as advice from other sources. Ms. Schunk is a 28-year co-survivor, a breast cancer survivor, and an author. Whether you live in the same house as the survivor or many miles away, Ms. Schunk will offer creative and pragmatic answers to the “what can I do?” moments you will experience. And, since what works for one person may not work well for another, she will include some unconventional guidance (co-survivor discretion advised!). Ms. Schunk’s husband and her closest co-survivor, Jim, will also be available for questions.

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