Be held.

Pull up those big girl panties and get on with it.

Be independent.  Stand on your own two feet.

While there are times when self-sufficiency is the mental tool to apply, I believe we are also created for community.  Reach out.  Ask someone to permit you the honor of helping them (and really mean it).  Allow others to support you.  Let go (really relinquish). Be held.  Sometimes that someone I need to release control to is God (He is really in control of all of it anyway).

I am blessed that my book, Surviving the Pink Ribbon, has garnered another five star review for guidance in holding up those with cancer.  “This book is a wonderful guide for those diagnosed with cancer but also a guide for the cancer patient’s support persons… I feel she did a great job of providing factual information in a way I could understand, but also adding humor.”

Thank you.  Happy to help.

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