“None of us are responsible for all the things that happen to us, but all of us are responsible for the way we act when they do happen” – source unknown.  A fall can be silly or embarrassing, as in a pratfall.  Falls can be devastating, even deadly.  I’ve had my share of graceful(?) descents walking on icy pavement.  Had no idea I could do the splits while not spilling a drop of hot chocolate!  Then there was the header down the oak stairs as a teenager resulting in ironic (or appropriate?) blood from my chin onto my red and white candy striper uniform.  Still have the scar where the stitches were.  Falls happen.  I believe the most important part of a tumble (physical or psychological) is how I rise.  My rise can be embarrassing, devastating, or graceful.  I may carry a physical or emotional scar from the fall.  But I rise!


Help for Breast Cancer Survivors and Co-Survivors

“Because breast cancer doesn’t discriminate, the author penned this book for women of every age and walk of life, and those who love them… I highly recommend this book.”  Laurie Buchanan, PhD, holistic health practitioner, author, speaker.


Gardening is challenging when you have a house in the woods.  Critters endeavor to reach the vegetables.  However, the fencing my husband installed has not been breached – the vegetables are free to grow.  Turns out, the vegetables are also free to breach the barrier.  Upon returning from our latest road trip, I found a cucumber making a break for it.  Prohibited from reaching beyond the garden walls?  Nope.  Just had to press on, get creative, adjust, and be bold enough to go for it.  Even a cucumber can inspire.


Jets don’t decide whether to leave a contrail or not — it just happens.  The hot jet exhaust interacts with the lower-temperature atmosphere, and contrails form.  Scientific American states that the “nature and persistence of jet contrails can be used to predict the weather… thin, short-lived contrail…a sign of fair weather…whereas a thick, long-lasting contrail…can be an early indicator of a storm.”  I am leaving wakes all day, every day as I interact with people and things. What is the nature of the wake I leave?  Am I going for persistence in what I leave behind?


Every shawl I knit is different.  My intent is not to make a copy of the designer’s result.  I almost never use the yarn stated in the pattern.  And I often stray from the knitting recipe — either on purpose or with an unintentional customization.  To me, knitting is a creative process.  I am the only me, and I desire my knitted results to be unique as well.  I endeavor to let the Spirit inside guide me as I create.  I love being surprised in the creative process.  The result is always beautiful in its own way.


On a recent road trip to visit friends in Wyoming, we stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Saw this inspiring little path as we walked.  I choose my path (or at least how I respond to the path).  Sometimes a harder path is worth the work.  A path should elevate my spirit, my values, my relationships.  Every day – every second of every day – I am charting my course, thought by thought and step by step.  Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control.  And to help keep myself on a fruitful path, I learn and sift through what I allow into my eyes and ears – sensationalism of the “news”, ranting on social media, and the anything-but-peaceful protesting.  I strive to take thoughtful, careful steps.