A time for…

I belong to many flocks – family, friends, knitters, readers, writers, authors, cancer survivors, retirees (from a regular paycheck anyway), landliners (we have terrible cell coverage at home), and the list goes on.  Love it when those flocks intersect.  Retired family who are friends.  Friends who are knitters.  To borrow from Ecclesiastes 3:1, “For everything there is a season, and a time…”  A time to fly with the flock, and a time to land.  Which flocks will my path cross today?  Which flocks would I like to join?  When should I be solo, like this bird I spotted at an ancient site in Israel last month?



My head realizes that in order to get writing done, I must get pen and paper (my first drafts are always done old-school) and sit down.  And my head recognizes that having regularly scheduled writing time will help make that happen.  My heart recognizes writing as a calling.  I am drawn to it.  Then why am I not more consistent?  Steven Pressfield has great advice on bringing head, heart, and body together to make creative things happen in his book, “The War of Art.”  Maybe I need to reread his book.  Or, just maybe, I simply need to heed his advice to “put your ass where your heart wants to be.”

Heart first.

The heart is the first organ to develop in humans.  The process begins in a human embryo at less than three weeks of age.  Wow!  My thoughts go to the notion that my mother helped my heart form, and I shared my first heartbeat with her.  Reminds me to be selective in sharing my precious heart.

I Am and I Will.

Monday, February 4, is World Cancer Day.  The theme this year is “I Am and I Will” — an encouragement to make a “personal commitment to hep reduce the global burdens of cancer.”  The place I start is by taking care of my post-breast cancer body and raising money and awareness for great cancer organizations, such as Gilda’s Club.  I shared about Gilda’s Club and others in my recently-published book, “Surviving the Pink Ribbon:  Body and Soul Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors and Co-Survivors.”  Amy just shared my book with a newly diagnosed woman:  “‘Surviving the Pink Ribbon’… is an excellent look at a personal, intimate journey… highly recommend it as a guide to what is down the road and how best to handle… would be excellent for your hubby to read as well as others who will be supporting you.”  Thanks, Amy, for sharing!

Spreading support.

Everyone needs to be supported, and I am so grateful that Surviving the Pink Ribbon has a small part in that.  Thanks to Jill for this 5-star review of the book:  “A must for friends and family of breast cancer patient . . . It’s a great book to help friends and family understand what the patient is going through and how they can help support them.”

Visit with me in Racine on Saturday!

Thank you to Joe S. for his 5-star review:  “A guide to the rigors of fighting cancer, and so much more . . . Tears will fill your eyes, and hope will fill your heart if you or a loved one is battling cancer while reading this book.”  A reminder:  Arise in Racine is hosting a book signing for me on Saturday, Jan. 5, from noon – 2 pm.  They also have copies of “Surviving the Pink Ribbon” in stock now.  Would love to see you there!

Hope? Why not?

Although I don’t do resolutions for the new year, I see the transition as an opportunity to reexamine my purpose, realign my activities, and redirect my walk forward in faith.  Hope propels me.  After all, as I heard on a podcast yesterday:  “No one knows enough to be a pessimist” (Dr. Wayne W. Dyer).